Welcome to the Homepage of ROC from Swiss-Ski

On this homepage, the Competition Organization Committee provides information about Swiss-Ski national racing. This homepage does not represent the official website of Swiss-Ski, but is merely a working tool for Swiss-Ski officials, organizers and racers. The official Swiss-Ski homepage can be found at www.swiss-ski.ch.

Calendar of events
You can find the dates of the events/races of Swiss-Ski and its member clubs in the calendar. It is also possible to register online for events (only with user registration).

Points list
All licensed Swiss-Ski racers are managed in the points list database. Racers can call up their current points or determine the number of starts.

You can obtain regulations and information material from the document database.

Officials database
Technical delegates TD or timekeepers/evaluators can manage their course attendance and assignments in the officials' databases. However, this data is not public, but is only available to the respective official or their supervisor.

User login
Some data can only be made available in conjunction with a user login. For this reason, we recommend that you apply for a user login (click on User access at the bottom right), with which you can access the scope of data defined for your function. A user login also means that we can provide you with data tailored to your needs. User registration is also required to use the online registration for Swiss-Ski events.


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